Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Waking The Monster

The vacililation of opinions regarding the U.S. military involvement in Libya inspired this poem. President Obama was prudent and cautious. The requests came in from the rebels first, then the EU, then the UN authorized a mission to "protect civilians" among other things, and even the Arab League was calling out for assistance . . . they woke the unpredictable nature of an international miltary engagement . . .


Waking the Monster


"Help," they cried

You watch us die

Like reality TV

But less personal

Even the babies


"Help!" they screamed

You witness slaughter

Claim you care

But you are nowhere

We need food . . . and force!


"Help," they pled

Before all are dead

Freedom just a word

Effective popaganda

Like 'Strategic Interest'


"Help," they begged

Our cause near lost

Towns shattered

Lives battered

Thought we mattered


HELP!" they cried

"Yes," I sighed

And help I tried

But, many died

On both sides


"ENOUGH!" they cried

Too much destruction

Too many deaths

I know, but I can't

Not now, not yet


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