Thursday, October 22, 2009

Juvenile Life Without Parole - Part Deux

I expect that until this issue is resolved I will return to it on this blog. The video below is from a young lady that was sentenced as a 16 year old for a murder (she's now 29). There is no excuse for murder, no one is arguing that. What the discussion centers around is if a child should be considered an adult by the court system, even though medical evidence tells us that the brain is not fully developed in a child or teenager. Sarah Kruzan, one of the many prisoners in the U.S. (one of the only countries in the world that continues this sentencing practice) sentenced to Life Without Parole as a child tells her story in the video below.

Should Sarah be released? I have no idea. But, what I do know is that at some point, if we are as civilized as we claim to be, one day she will be able to make her case before a parole board that is charged with determining whether or not she has reformed herself.

That's what I think.